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Online Public Speaking and Consulting Rates

Participation includes promotion of event to my global network, which directly translates into increased attendance, buzz, ticket sales, and brand promotion of sponsor. Recordings are provided with right to use within organization and cannot be resold. Intellectual property rights are not transferred. Ownership of content always remains with author. Discuss your event before ordering because contract is typically executed before providing these services. All sales FINAL.

1.   15 Minute Online Presentation with Recording - $ 750

2.   15 Minute Online Presentation (no Recording) - $ 500

3.   30 Minute Online Presentation with Recording - $ 1,500

4.   30 Minute Online Presentation (no Recording) - $ 1,000

5.   60 Minute Online Presentation with Recording - $ 3,000

6.   60 Minute Online Presentation (no Recording) - $ 2,500

7.   90 Minute Online Presentation with Recording - $ 4,500

8.   90 Minute Online Presentation (no Recording) - $ 3,500

9.   10 Hours of ad-hoc Consulting to be used within 12 Months - $ 1,500 

10. Executive Speech Preparation and Coaching - $ 1,000 (One Speech up to 2,000 words)

For In Person Speaking, Book Signing or Any Custom Tailored Event Speaking Moderating or Online Hosting Please Use the Contact Form

Event sponsor can purchase the books in advance and give away free books to the attendees. Event sponsor can also have the attendees purchase the book.  Author will personalize and sign the book and be available for the agreed length of time to address questions. Attendee photographs with the author is most welcome.

Book signing event is free with speaking engagement. Online event marketing and registration services are included with online event hosting services. Once information is received you will receive a custom quote.

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Signed Books Shipped Within USA. Consulting and Speaking Services Available Globally. 

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1. Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand
USA: Google Play, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Spotify

Worldwide: Google Play, Amazon, Spotify

India: Google Play, Amazon

Libraries: Hardcover: ISBN 9781087905310; eBook: ISBN 9781087905389; Audiobook: ISBN 9781669698029. Visit Overdrive Libby, find your library and ask them to get the ebooks and audiobooks.

2. Cybersecurity Leadership

USA: Google Play, AmazonBarnes & Noble, Spotify
Worldwide: Google Play, Amazon, Spotify
India: Google Play, Amazon

Libraries: Hardcover: ISBN 9781087981123; eBook: ISBN 9781087981161; Audiobook: ISBN 9781669671800​. Visit Overdrive Libby, find your library and ask them to get the ebooks and audiobooks.

3. Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Worldwide: Google Play, Amazon

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For E-Books, Print Books Outside USA and Library Orders Use the Following Information 

Discovery Conversation - $130

(Includes resume, document, plan, or technology reviews)

Career Coaching - 5 Hour Package - $750.00

Ad hoc remote career coaching for up to 5 hours to be used within 6 months - includes reviewing, reading documents, technology, emails, and all messages as well and conversations whether in person or through technology. (This should be ordered if needed beyond the Discovery Conversation).

Books/Audiobooks Production, Conference Hosting, Registration, and Marketing

1. Webinar/Online Event Hosting, Registration, and Marketing - $5,000

2. Independent Book Publishing (6 Hours of Consultation, Editing, Training) - $3,000

3. Audiobook Narration - $400 Per Finished Hour of MP3 Recording

For any of these services, or any custom voice recording work, please contact me first so we can make sure you are ordering what you need and I can provide it according to your schedule.

Self-Paced Courses (With 5 Live Online Sessions) - $500 per student - Comparable to University Semester-Length Courses.

1.   Cybersecurity Fundamentals - $500

2.   Cybersecurity Leadership and Governance - $500

3.   Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance - $500

4.   Personal Branding - $500

5.   Public Speaking - $500

5a. Public Speaking Two Students in Same Household - $800

6.   Low Cost High Yield Marketing in a Digital and Social Media World - $500​

Use the contact form to let me know if you wish to sponsor a few students or need pricing for a larger cohort of students attending together.