Empowering Women: Unlocking the Next Chapter, August 26, 2023

Personal Branding for Everyone Fall 2023 Global Conference happens September 16, 2022 at 9:30-11:30am US EST. 

CyberMaryland 2023, December 7, 2023

Toast of Severna Park Toastmasters Meetings  Happens online every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 7pm US EST. 

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Why You Should Get a Graduate Cybersecurity Education Instead of an MBA - (ISC)2 CyberSecureGov 2017
Panel on IoT Applications in Industry Sector: IoT in Healthcare Security,  Joint NIST/IEEE-SC Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Interoperability.
Cybersecurity and Information Governance - AIIM International,  Virtual Event, July 2017.
(Moderator) Cyber Defense Toolbox, CyberMaryland 2017

Teaching Leadership at Graduate Schools - 2017 Keynote at Global Conference on Education Research and Policy, Washington, DC.
What I Learned About Leadership from My Mother - 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference, Washington, DC.
Cybersecurity Leadership in the Digital World. AGENDA16, Amelia Island.

Cybersecurity Leadership in this New World. BioIT World 2016, Boston.

Cybersecurity Governance. World Health Care Congress 2016, DC - Video Interview by Neil Versel.

Human Factors - December 2015. Session moderator and speaker with book signing at Security and Privacy Forum, Boston, hosted by HIMSS Media

SecureHealth Summit, November 15-17, Moderated and served on 4 panel discussions hosted by HTRAC

A Holistic Graduate Program in Business Information Technology and Cybersecurity, October 29, Presentation and book signing hosted by CyberMaryland 2015
Cybersecurity Open House, October 24, hosted by Hagerstown Community College
​​Reading from Muses and Rhymes - September 24, Humanities, Literature, Cultures, and Arts 2015 Global Conference​

The Future of Data Security - Listen to this global webinar panel hosted by Watchful Software

Cybersecurity Leadership - September 30, Keynote presentation and book signing hosted by MISA, Ontario

Securing Servers in the Data Center: A Balancing Act - Panel member of global webinar hosted by SecureWorld

Radio Interview with Ira Victor, CyberJungleRadio

"The Need for Public Policy to Promote Ethical Leadership," Social Sciences and Public Policy Conference, DC

"The Role of Collaboration in Healthcare Cybersecurity", global webinar sponsored by Redbooth.

"Leadership is an Endless Journey of Solving Problems: Stories of How I Solved Problems Life Threw My Way," Women's Leadership Conference, DC

"Why Leadership, Governance, and Culture is the Key to Cybersecurity" SC Congress 2015, Toronto hosted by SC Magazine

Chair of Secure Health 2015. Moderated two panels and served on one panel. HTRAC

"Are Electronic Health Records Making America More Vulnerable?" archived webinar sponsored by BeyondTrust

"Cybersecurity is a Business Discipline" - presentation and book raffle and signing hosted by Digital Government Institute

"Globalization and the Internet," - Globalization and Business Conference, DC

"The Importance of Partnering with Men" - Discussion at Women's Leadership Conference, Advena World

"Leadership and Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Past, Present, and Future" archived webinar sponsored by Prevalent

 Voice of America - Radio Interview (Bangla)

 HTRAC - "Tackling Insider Threats"

"My Early Adventures in English Literature and Poetry" - Humanities, Literature, and Poetry Conference, DC

 Baltimore Book Festival 2014

"Preparing to Launch Successful Careers," Summer YouthWorks Panel

"Ethical Leadership is Profitable for Business," Strategic Business Management & Economic Research Conference

"Engaging the Public in Overcoming Security and Privacy Concerns," Top Rated Panel at mHealth+TeleHealth 2014

"What I Learned about Leadership from my Mother," Women in Leadership International Conference.
"Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Leadership" - Keynote, HealthTech and Finance International Conference
"Overcoming Gender Discrimination," Women's Leadership Conference-NY Area