As the only cybersecurity and healthcare leader in the world with 12 years experience as Chief Information Officer, a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity, the prestigious CISSP, PMP, and CPHIMS certifications, three published books and hundreds of articles and speeches, Dr. Hasib has a unique perspective on a wide range of issues - from literature to leadership and from cybersecurity to the future of healthcare. His presentations, books, writings, and quotes have been widely cited all over the world. His professionally presented inspirational discussions, original ideas, academic and practical knowledge, unique analyses of current events, a lively and personal engagement with the audience and his practical way of thinking is helping thousands of people in hundreds of organizations.  Invite today and add instant credibility and interest in your event!!!

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Dr. Mansur Hasib's introduction at the Singapore, HERO Brainshare 2020 global conference.

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Dr. Mansur Hasib, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS
Global Award Winning Cybersecurity and Healthcare Leader, Author, and Keynote Speaker

In 2017 at a ceremony in Austin, TX, (ISC)2 named Dr. Mansur Hasib a “Rock Star” of cybersecurity and presented him an electric guitar along with the (ISC)2 Americas Information Security Leadership Award (ISLA) for leading the implementation of the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Technology degree program at a major university to serve almost 5,000 students globally. In 2018 the Global Cybersecurity Observatory based in Europe inducted Dr. Hasib into the Hall of Fame. In 2018 SC Magazine awarded Dr. Hasib's program Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program award. In 2019 SC Magazine, at a ceremony at San Francisco, awarded Dr. Hasib's program Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program in the USA for the second year in a row! Recently, Dr. Hasib was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Global Cybersecurity Leadership Award at the ICSIC2019 conference held in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Hasib also won the 2017 Cybersecurity People’s Choice Award and the 2017 Information Governance Expert of the Year Award. He has 30 years of experience leading organizational transformations through digital leadership and cybersecurity strategy in healthcare, biotechnology, education, and energy. He served as Chief Information Officer for 12 years. His seminal book Cybersecurity Leadership (available in ebook, paperback, and audio) has been widely acclaimed by practitioners and scholars alike and is listed among the best IT and cybersecurity books of all time. In 2013, as part of his doctoral work, Dr. Hasib conducted a national study of US healthcare cybersecurity and published the book Impact of Security Culture on Security Compliance in Healthcare in the USA and became one of the first few in the world to earn a Doctor of Science in cybersecurity. Additionally, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics and a Master’s degree in Political Science, Dr. Hasib brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to anything he discusses. Dr. Hasib has been quoted, interviewed, and cited in countless media all over the world. His books have been sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Middle East, Algeria, Brazil, Nigeria, New Zealand, Germany, Philippines, France, Italy, Bangladesh, Cyprus, South Africa, Bahrain, Bahamas, Switzerland, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain and various other parts of the world. 

Dr. Hasib enjoys table tennis, comedy, and travel and has been to all 50 states of the USA. Follow him on Twitter @mhasib or LinkedIn: To access more content or to contact Dr. Hasib, visit:

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CyberSMART 2019 International Conference, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Elevate Women 2018 International Conference, Ottawa, Canada

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Willis College, Ottawa, Canada


Cybersecurity Leadership live Cyberwire radio interview with Dr. Mansur Hasib starts at 14:30.

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