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2021 Club and Division Champion - Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests. Toastmasters International.

2020 People Choice Award in Cybersecurity

2020 Cybersecurity Champion of the Year

2019 Global Cybersecurity Leadership Award, ICSIC 2019, Toronto, Canada

2018 Hall of Fame

2019 Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program in the USA

2018 Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program in the USA

2018 Best Cybersecurity Audiobook of All Time

2017 People's Choice Award in Cybersecurity
2017 Information Governance Expert of the Year (determined by global public voting)
2017 (ISC)2 Americas Senior Information Security Leadership Award Winner for Graduate Cybersecurity Technology Program

2016 Excellent Speaker Award - Advena World

2015 Best Speaker Award - Advena World

2015 and 2014 Best Keynote and Honorary Guest Speakers - Advena World

"From Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts, at which Dr. Hasib was a speaker during the Data Security and Clinical Genomics conferences: Quite a pleasure to finally meet you today! Thanks so much again for your dynamic and illuminating featured presentation to close today’s sessions. The group seemed rapt with attention, interested throughout and hopefully enlightened. I hope too you enjoyed the book signing and had some good discussions during it. Thanks again for making our jobs really easy with the setup!" - An-Dinh Nguyen, Associate Team Lead, Science Events.

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Mansur for the success of the "Independent Publishing and Personal Brand Development" event he hosted in collaboration with ISC2, Baltimore Chapter on September 20, 2018. Having been privileged to participate at previous events where Dr. Mansur was a speaker, such as CyberMaryland and others, I will say without doubt that Dr. Mansur's speaking engagement and leadership style are riveting. Dr. Mansur, thank you for being one of the best Leaders of our time and for giving me the opportunity to work closely with you." - Dr. Dennis Okui, Cybersecurity Professional and Professor, University of Maryland University College. 

"I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mansur Hasib speak at (ISC)²'s 2018 Secure Summit DC event. I became familiar with Dr. Hasib the year prior, when he received an Information Security Leadership Award at our 2018 Security Congress event. Hearing Dr. Hasib's session on being a cybersecurity leader and the value of a personal brand was refreshing and informative. He was engaging, educational and inspiring!" - Kaity Eagle, Senior Corporate Communications Specialist, (ISC)2.

​"Dr. Mansur and I share an interest in ethical leadership models. After hearing Mansur's vision for leadership at a conference, I purchased his book, Cybersecurity Leadership. Most relevant to my field of study (sociology) are his three unique interpretations of ethics and empowerment. Mansur presents a very descriptive moral compass of ethics. First, Mansur identifies guidance, integrity, and trust as core characteristics of a leader. Similarly, when greeted by Mansur in person, he introduces real-life experiences in a proud, honest way that is likely to advance one's perspectives or to encourage new visions. Likewise, Mansur proposes that a leader should increase the follower’s productivity and develop their welfare. To Mansur, leaders must be trusted and I agree wholeheartedly. Second, Mansur asks leaders to be curious by learning continuously and by giving back to others. He wants leaders to be “thankful”, which is another humble and respectful characteristic. He also charges leaders with the duty of being aware of missions and activities surrounding their goals. Through interactions with scholars like Mansur, leaders are empowered to follow a mature path. Third, he offers a call for collaboration through mutual responsibility is insightful and most stimulating. Mansur asks leaders to explore the nature of restrictive or antagonistic environments to link core values. In any context, leaders can create a common bond between groups. I appreciate Mansur’s passion for promoting trust, curiosity, and collaboration as three valuable tenets of success. It has been a pleasure to apply these tenets." - Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Department Chair, Department of Sociology and Geography, Shepherd University.

"1. The "Cybersecurity Leadership" book by Dr. Mansur Hasib has been an excellent read. There have been many things that I have taken away from Dr Hasib's experience within industry, especially since I am looking to become a CISO down the road. I actually quoted the book in a white paper that I wrote, which was selected for a scholarship to Black Hat 2017.

2. Last weekend, I went to a weekend event in DC called the eBay StartUp Cup where over 100 small businesses competed to be one of twenty-five businesses selected to go to the next round. I was asked to be a mentor, due to my cybersecurity experience. For all of the amazing ideas that I was presented (nearly all of them wanted to use an app to follow through with their business idea), almost NONE did not recognize the importance of cybersecurity and the role it plays in protecting the data and technologies themselves. I pretty much said "Even if you are the CEO, you must be aware of how your assets are being protected; your intellectual property and customer data are a goldmine". To get to the point, I remember the number of conversations Dr. Hasib had at UMBC about how cybersecurity is not just technical, but business-oriented. The more businesses rely on technology to drive their business mission, the more security-inclined they must become, no matter how big or small. Dr. Hasib's teachings have helped me not only grab a better understanding of cybersecurity, but also has helped me to help others in a means to provide leadership." - Eric Chapman, Information System Security Engineer.

"Dr. Hasib is a very engaging and thought-provoking speaker. I recently heard his talk on the superior value of a graduate cyber security degree compared to an MBA. His talk was well-researched and compelling. He demonstrated that executives with a cyber security background bring not only the obvious benefit of expertise in protecting an organization's information assets, but also an innovative leadership style and an ability to promote a healthier workplace environment. Additionally, he welcomed respectful discussion from those with different viewpoints." - Ron Hebensperger, Cybersecurity Professional.

"Dr. Hasib is by far one of the best professors I have ever had in my life. I am incredibly lucky and thankful to have had him for CBR 600. I will admit, it's hard for me to focus when a professor lectures for all of class. However, Dr. Hasib managed to fascinate me with his lectures and I hung onto every single word. He is not the type of professor that teaches mundane and irrelevant information. He teaches us important and relevant life lessons and helps cultivate strong leaders in his classes. Dr. Hasib is also the type of professor that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Even after my class was over, I still touched base every now and then, which resulted in a natural mentor-student relationship. He always responds promptly to my questions (he has a "no more than 24 hours" rule for responses), he sends any networking events my way for me to attend, and has helped me build my network from nothing to a very strong professional community. Being new to the field, I have a lot of fears of not being good enough. Dr. Hasib has helped calm my fears by teaching me how to detect ethical and unethical practices. He changed the approach I take in the job hunting world and now I am able to vet companies the same way they vet potential candidates. He always makes sure that I know that people are the future of innovation and that it is a company's loss if they do not recognize my worth. I always had the mentality that a company should value their employees as individuals and not price tags, but I figured it was an impossible quality to find. He taught me that not only is it possible to find a company with great culture, but that it is actually necessary and indicated reasonings as to how it helps cut costs. Whatever I have done beyond my master's program to advance my career in cybersecurity, I can thank Dr. Hasib for his guidance and direction. He has helped me build an enormous amount of confidence and now I have the clarity I needed all along to succeed. I am excited about the possibilities in my future." - Neha Mehta, IT Specialist at GSA.

"Dr. Hasib is one of the most profound and interactive professors I have met in my life. He has been my professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the Risk Analysis & Compliance class. He always has a been supportive and helps in understanding the contents of the class really well. He interacts with each student personally and helps every student with their queries even during non-class hours. Dr. Hasib does not just give out presentations, students enjoy individual presentations, group discussions & other interactive activities in class which helps make dry content interesting and knowledgeable. He also keeps the students informed regarding events and conferences that they can attend for more knowledge. This leads to a healthy discussion and makes classes more interesting. The assignments are very well structures including peer reviews which directly help in understanding the contents. I would recommend every student to take classes under Dr. Hasib as his/her professor." - Rushabh Mehta, IT Security Analyst, Systems and Software International.

"Favorite speaker/session. Eye opening & applicable to all organizations;  Engaging (x2) and informative (x2); excellent (7); OK; Very Good (x2); Interesting; Great (x3).  Outstanding (x4) – and his knowledge of CyberSecurity and resolving the problems encountered as a result of Cyber breaches/hacking was excellent. (x2); Important CIO b/c CEO. Dynamic CyberSecurity mold;  Wish my leadership had heard this;  Invigorating, thought provoking & innovative;  Enthusiastic and useful info;  Animated and engaging w/ excellent insight into CyberSecurity;  Great tutorial – connectivity, congruence of facts, thought provoking;  Great topic, very informative; Good info.; polling audience to engage in conversation. (x2);  STEMB is a brilliant new acronym; Informative to see Cybersecurity from outside government; Top notch – focused on aspects beyond technology for Cybersecurity; Interesting discussion – pls. tell DoD to spend less on automated training;  One of the best. (x2); Common sense solutions – Great way to end the conference. (x2); Excellent! Security as an investment against loss; Engaged audience participation/Interactive. (X3);  Good information on the necessity (+Preventative / cost saving value) of cybersecurity (not limited to the healthcare field); Inspired to get an MS in Cyber Forensics;  Timely and relevant topic. Inspiring fresh look at Information Cyber Security; Gave examples of real life cybersecurity breaches;  Will read book;  Good Fonts on slides (ppl can see)." - Written comments from audience members at the DGI Cybersecurity Conference 2015, compiled and shared by the organizers.

"Exhibits exceptional leadership and mentorship within the cybersecurity industry. He also has an immense number of years of experience in cybersecurity." - ConVurge Tech Awards Nomination 2015.

"Mansur Hasib is the 'Peter Drucker' of Cyber Security Leadership - After many years in various executive roles ranging from CIO, CISO and Board Advisor I was absolutely impressed with the executive guidance and thought leadership of Mansur Hasib. I was truly amazed with the ideas, concepts, executive guidance, and mentorship of how to be a highly effective leader for the C-Suite. Mansur has a very brilliant mind, yet the type of leader that everyone aspires to be a “servitude” type of leader. Mansur delivers executive maturity and political savviness to elevate anyone’s career that takes the time to listen or read this outstanding book." - Todd Bell, CISO, Board Advisor, Cybersecurity Expert.

"Dr. Mansur Hasib ... has authored a book in which he explains what an organization needs to know to implement cybersecurity governance." Council of Graduate Schools Testimony at the US Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting, April 29, 2014.

"...The dynamic of his classroom was so different than any class I've had. He is paving the way for future CEO's CISO's and entrepreneurs and is making a direct positive impact for cybersecurity students. Even though my background is not very technical, I was able to fully comprehend and excel in his classroom. Great class, strongly recommend his teaching..." - Sarah Horta, Business Development Associate, Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation.

"I've had the pleasure of taking Dr. Hasib's class and learning about both Cybersecurity Management and Ethical Leadership. In an ever changing field, there are certain principles that we can apply consistently. Dr. Hasib covers these principles and does it in a way that (is) easy to learn and understand. He has a great passion for his work and it shows in both his teaching styles and writing. I'd strongly suggest anyone within the Cybersecurity field to read his book. Whether you are a CEO or the technical support, this gives a thorough overview of an entire organization. If you are management, the ethical leadership portion helps build a strong community within an organization." - B. Avery Greene - Cybersecurity Professional in Healthcare.

"Clear, well-spoken, #1 panel of the two days for me ... wide perspective ... good comments on security".  - Written evaluations from Anonymous Attendees, mHealth + Telehealth World 2014

"Mansur is a speaker who connects with his audience immediately. Then, he presents content in an orderly and engaging manner. I found myself listening to every word he said. Lastly, he enjoys himself when he speaks which means that his audience does as well." - Madelyn Blair, Keynote Speaker for Leadership, President at Peleiri

"Dr. Hasib is a motivated educator and a leader in cybersecurity governance. I've had the pleasure of attending Dr. Hasib's "Introduction to Cybersecurity" class at the UMBC Graduate School. Instead of teaching down from a podium, he does a remarkable job engaging the class in a dialogue by using each student's unique viewpoint to fuel the discussion. His ability to engage everyone in the class made for an inviting and engrossing class each week, and look forward to the opportunity of attending his lectures in the future." -David Becker, CFM, Project Manager at National Cancer Institute

​"Mansur is a member of the Governing body leadership team for the Washington DC CIO Executive Summit. For the past several years he has contributed his leadership, thoughts, insights, collaborative skills and speaking skills that have been instrumental in the success of the DC conference. It is an honor and privileged to work with Mansur. He is a true visionary and innovator in his area of practice." - Aaron Correa, Program Director at Evanta

"​Mansur has served as a Governing Body member at the Washington D.C. CISO Executive Summit for several years. He served as Moderator at this year’s lunch keynote panel discussion which was very well received. Mansur is very passionate about his work and is eager to share his knowledge with peers, as well as upcoming leaders in the CIO/CISO space. He is a great pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again on the 2013 Summit." - Ron Schroter, Program Director at Evanta

"I attended a presentation given by Mansur on the role of information technology in academic library transformation. It was both informative and entertaining and delivered in easily understood language. Mansur has a lively presentation style, and it was clear from the subsequent Q&A that he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others." - Jay Elvove, Manager, Client Relations (Office of Information Technology) at University of Maryland

"​Remarkably perceptive gentleman on range of healthcare topics." - Dr. Steven Kussin, Shared Decision Center

"Mansur is a collaborative executive leader who is able to translate data security and IT issues in lay language ..." - Dr. Evelyn Rodriguez, Award-winning Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices Physician Executive, Epidemiologist, and Public Health Expert

"Recently, Dr. Mansur Hasib provided an outstanding Keynote address titled “Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Leadership” at our HealthTech and Finance 2014 Conference attended by many international healthcare scholars. Even though no one in the audience was a cybersecurity scholar, everyone understood what he said and everyone agreed with his definition of cybersecurity and how it applies in healthcare. I found his ideas and work to be very strategic and of very high quality. I also had the pleasure of reading Dr. Hasib’s new book “Cybersecurity Leadership” and I think this book will change both the way we think about leadership and the way we understand information technology. I recommend this book highly to everyone." -Eric Schwartz, Executive Director at Advena World, LLC

"I've had the privilege to work with Dr. Hasib at cyber security events as well as leadership conferences. He is a leader in the cyber security field and gets called on very often to speak at events all across the US. He is an excellent public speaker and has the ability to connect with the audience in such a powerful way that every point resonates. I would strongly recommend Dr. Hasib to speak at any conference as he is truly an amazing speaker." - Xavier Richards - Director of Graduate Recruitment at Capitol College

"I worked for Mansur at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant as a student right after graduating high school in 1994. At the time his group was responsible for, among other things, managing Novell servers distributed throughout the complex. Today, 16 year later, I can say that he had a significant impact on my career. Mansur was a leader, a manager, and a mentor. He knew how to inspire his team, he knew how to work with people, and he was especially good with coaching and mentoring the students. He took the time to eat lunch with us, explain the technology to us, and in general prepare us for careers in IT. But the one character trait that defines Mansur is integrity. He used to say, “Once integrity is lost, it can never be regained,” and he was always honest, fair, and kind to the students. He also has a great personality and is a lot of fun to work with. Thanks again Mansur for taking the time to mentor students fresh out of high school." - Chris Mann, Kuali Student Curriculum Management Implementation Lead at University of Maryland

"Working with Mansur at Constellation Power Source was one of the highlights of my career. His excellence helped set the bar for my own professional development. The level of passion and commitment Mansur has for providing the best IT solution from both a customer and corporate perspective is inspiring. He is a true leader, team player and strategic planner who leads by example and generously shares his time and extensive knowledge to mentor others to success." - Celeste Revander-Brown, Business Intelligence and Analysis Solution Provider

"If it were not for Mansur, the University of Maryland Advisory Council for Nuclear Cybersecurity would not exist or be the success it has become. His grassroots campaigning and willingness to explore new areas of focus for the university as an augment to the Maryland Cyber Center initiative made all the difference. Mansur is an out-of-the box thinker, a great leader, and I am honored to know him." - George Simonds, Director, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection Programs

"Mansur is the kind of manager people dream of working with and for. His expertise is exceptional but it is his collaborative manner and high integrity which sets him apart from the masses. A great advocate for teamwork and team development, he conducts and faciliates work sessions and draws out the best in people so they want to perform their best. A gentle soul, he gets the highest marks from me for truly understanding the meaning behind the theory of "Meaningful Leadership". Anyone working with or for him has a role model and a mentor of the highest quality." - Kate Van Name, Chief Operating Officer at Advisors Financial, Inc.

"Mansur is a fantastic person to work with. He has particular strengths in relationship building and communications skills, and demonstrated these talents in working together with me and other colleagues to help establish new partnerships in nuclear cybersecurity. He has a great, positive team-first approach to his work, and would be an asset to any organization." - Tim Shortall, Director Transmission Facilities and Operations at Penn State University

​"Mansur is a great leader of people. He takes pride in his team and makes great efforts to capitalize on the current skills of his employees. While making good use of employees skills is important, he also promotes collaboration to help foster team work and cross-training. While working with him for the last eight years I directly benefited by his leadership and mentoring, and I am truly stronger because of this." - Collin Smith,  Cybersecurity Professional.

​"... He did a fantastic job for us in building world class network and server infrastructure with exceptional security and redundancy. What is exceptional is that he was able to do all of this with much less resources than would be expected. He has also done a great job of mentoring his staff and developing them professionally and representing UMBI with the State and the various University System of Maryland institutions. Finally, he is an intelligent and worldly professional who is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly." - Daniel Reznikov, CFO at Aeras

​"Mansur is one of the most intelligent, dedicated, and team oriented people I have ever worked with. He is extremely thorough in his analysis of network situations but Mansur can react quickly when problems arise. Mansur has a calm demeanor even during times of severe stress. I highly recommend Mansur for his leadership qualities as he leads by example and is very direct and articulate when communicating to other leaders." - Jerry King, Vice President, Information Systems, Constellation Power Source