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Ads and Sponsorships

1. One Minute Appearance on Conversations with #DrCybersecurity Show to Pitch a product - $100 (Coupons available for small businesses that need the help during the COVID-19 pandemic)

2. Sponsorship of an entire episode of the Conversations with #DrCybersecurity Show - $1,000

3. Custom packages - please contact to discuss.

Book Signing Event

Event sponsor can purchase the books in advance and give away free books to the attendees. Event sponsor can also have the attendees purchase the book.  Author will personalize and sign the book and be available for the agreed length of time to address questions. Attendee photographs with the author is most welcome.

Book signing event is free with speaking engagement.



Public Speaking Coach 

​Public speaking skills directly translate into higher incomes. Strong public speakers appear credible, confident, and much more likely to be hired at higher compensation. Anyone can be a good public speaker by working with a coach. I can teach you how to find your voice and become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Conference Keynote/Half Day/One Day Workshop

My participation in any conference as a Keynote Speaker includes promotion of the event to my global network, which directly translates into increased attendance, buzz, ticket sales, and promotion. I usually network with the attendees at the event, which generates more conversations and goodwill.

CEO/CIO/CISO Leadership Coaching 

​​Executive Coaching Session (Up to One Hour) - A single hour of coaching can help executives solve problems or work through a strategy making the initiative much less risky.

Self-paced Online Courses (5 Synchronous Sessions) - $500 per student

1. Cybersecurity Fundamentals - Likely to prepare you for CompTIA Security+ test.

2. Cybersecurity Leadership and Governance

3. Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance

4. Personal Branding

5. Public Speaking

6. Low Cost High Yield Marketing in a Digital and Social Media World

Sponsorship by individuals and companies available. Use the contact form to let me know if you wish to sponsor a few students.

Keynote Presentations, Seminars, Panel Moderation, MC Services



Author Signed Book Shipped to a US Address

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