University Graduate School Equivalent Non-Credit Online Classes: (Each course is 5 weeks long. 5 students minimum, 15 students maximum. Open to anyone globally - contact for details) 

1. Cybersecurity Fundamentals

2. Cybersecurity Leadership

3. Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance 

Career Success Online Classes: (Each course is 2 weeks long, 5 students minimum, 15 students maximum. Open to all globally - contact for details)

1. Building a Personal Brand

2. Public Speaking

3. Outstanding Job Interview Techniques

All courses have been authored by Dr. Mansur Hasib and are personally taught by Dr. Mansur Hasib. Courses are taught from an interdisciplinary practitioner scholar perspective.

CEO/CIO/CISO Leadership Coaching 

​Dr. Hasib will work with a C-level executive one on one to understand the organization and to provide coaching and mentoring to help the C-level executive become successful in their role. 

Half Day/One Day Executive Workshop

Executive leadership and board workshops on cybersecurity. Understand how to hire CIOs and CISOs and how to set up your organizational structure. Create teamwork in your executive leadership team.​



Keynote Presentations, Seminars, Panel Moderation



Interviews and Media Commentary

Public Speaking Coach 

​Dr. Hasib will coach you in public speaking and help you shape your content and message and deliver it with confidence. 

Hourly Phone/Video Executive Consultation 

Discuss cybersecurity or any executive strategy question with Dr. Hasib to work through the issue and then make the best informed decision.​

Book Signing Event

Event sponsor can purchase the books in advance and give away free books to the attendees. Event sponsor can also have the attendees purchase the book.  Author will personalize and sign the book and be available for the agreed length of time to address questions. Attendee photographs with the author is most welcome.